How to Update Expertise and Service Line in Profile

Having a properly updated service line and expertise section on PM Republic can help establish credibility and trustworthiness with potential clients. This section in your profile can increase the visibility and exposure of your business. Companies often search on PM Republic to find and compare potential service providers with the desired skill set.

Having expertise on PM Republic can provide a competitive advantage over other service providers in your industry. Adding expertise to your PM Republic profile can enhance your business’s credibility, visibility, and competitive advantage. In this article, we will discuss how to add expertise to your PM Republic profile.

PM Republic offers a wide selection of service lines for you to choose from based on the services you provide. There are eight main service lines, each with multiple categories to further specify the services you offer. This allows profile owners to select the most suitable service lines for their business. Additionally, profile owners are allowed to select multiple service lines if they provide more than one service.

Selection of Service Line

For example, if a technology company provides marketing services with a specialization in SEO and web design, the profile owner needs to expand the ‘Advertising and Marketing’ category and select ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO)’ from the subcategory list. The selected category will then be added to the right side of the page. Next, the profile owner should select ‘Web Design’ from the ‘Development’ category. Once all desired categories and service lines are selected, the profile owner can verify them on the right side of the page.

The profile owner is required to update the percentage of the company’s involvement in each area based on its presence. If the company gives the same focus for both services or categories, both can be updated as 50%. If the company’s profile has three categories with the same focus, the percentage of focus can be updated to 33% each. The total percentage should be 100% to proceed with the profile.

Expertise Update

Updating your expertise is equally as important as updating your service line. This will give companies insight into your skillset, which potential buyers can match with their required skillset to engage you for their next project. To select suitable expertise, you need to enter the first few letters of the skillset, and a search will be conducted for matching skillsets from which you can pick. If you cannot find a suitable skillset, you may send a note to PM Republic using the ‘Contact Us’ form.